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Climate Change and Tourism: Call for action by civil society groups

Climate Justice and Tourism

People are at the heart of this call to action. Local communities in developing societies who have contributed least to global warming will be among the first to suffer its devastating consequences. Some are already experiencing them.

Surviving climate change

By Gan Pei Ling

"WE should do it for our children and future generations!"

This is one of the most common rallying cries used by some individuals and organisations to convince the public to take action to combat climate change. It's an appealing sound bite, but does it feel urgent?

Typhoon Ketsana Highlights Vulnerability of Developing Countries


Immediate Climate Action Needed Action to Prevent Future Destruction

Nature will not wait for Copenhagen.

This situation was made more clear as Typhoon Ketsana left widespread flooding in many countries, unleashed unprecedented rainfall in Metro Manila and caught a lot of people unprepared both in the Philippines and Vietnam.

Rural and Indigenous Women’s Statement on Climate Change

A Submission to Parties to the United Nations’

Framework Convention on Climate Change

We, rural and indigenous women from Asia and the Pacific and other parts of the world, face enormous threats and damage on our lives and rights as a consequence of climate change including the unbridled manner by which measures are being proposed and undertaken to adapt to and mitigate this phenomenon and its impacts. As women farmers, fisherfolk, herders, farm workers, indigenous food producers and natural resource managers, we rely heavily on primary resources, which are being negatively affected and destroyed by climate change.

Climate Talks for People's Needs, Not Corporate Greed!

News Release
01 October 2009, Bangkok Thailand

Chanting “Climate Justice, Gender Justice, now!”, women and men activists from Asia-Pacific gathered in front of the United Nations (UN) Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) building despite the rains for the Asian Women’s Quilt on Climate Change while the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change meeting was ongoing inside the building.

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Climate Change in Asia

350.org's Asian Youth Climate Workshop in Bangkok